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About Plantbased G



Motivational Speaker

Transformational Fitness Trainer

Vegan Meal Planner

Vegan Recipe Developer

Sportswear Fashion Designer

His Story


Plant Based G (Marlon Rison) began his transition to veganism after stumbling upon the documentary

What the Health? Everything happens for a reason and the timing for this was perfect. “The day I

watched WTH, my life changed. Actually, midway through the doc, I knew my life had changed forever.”

Immediately, he gave up consumption of all animal products and began eating a whole food, plant-

based diet. “And I can tell you, I have never felt better. The transition to a vegan lifestyle is the absolute

best thing I have done for me.



Although active and athletic as a kid, PBG dealt with a number of health issues including asthma

(hospitalized with pneumonia twice), inflammation and obesity (weighing as much as 280lb at 14). I

was good athletically but was way too heavy. All of these issues were food based. Growing up in the

south (South Texas to be specific) meant there was going to be a lot of fried chicken, beef and incredible

Mexican food. Fun to eat but not the healthiest approach.

With the focus on weight (at the time), PBG went on the Weight Watchers eating plan and within a year

lost 100lb. “Discipline along with the desire to move around better athletically drove me to success.” As

PBG describes, “I was definitely healthier after the weight loss but in my heart, I always knew there was

more to do.”


Throughout PBG’s late teens, 20’s and 30’s, he began to dedicate more time and effort to powerlifting

which meant get bigger and stronger at all cost. What did this mean? Eat more animal products…so he

thought. “During this time period, I went from a beginning weight of 240lbs or so to 370lbs eventually.

Crazy! This didn’t happen overnight (in fact it was over 15+ years) but is still crazy to think about.”

“I would work out twice a day, do boxing, cardio and much more. Was extremely active. The problem

was with my desire to be ridiculously big based upon my belief that eating animal products was the only

way to be strong. You know, the macho guy way!” Until that day of enlightenment, July 1st, 2017…the day

I watched “What the Health”.


“In addition to being healthier, my appreciation for all life and living beings is the most impactful part of

this journey. I have a deeper love and respect for animals and their treatment. Not pets but ALL animals.

I also am a more compassionate man and a more loving individual. Such a life-enhancing experience…I

encourage everyone to embrace the opportunity!”


Here are some of the changes PBG has experienced during the transition:

  • Lost over 130lbs

  • All upper respiratory issues have ceased

  • Perfect cholesterol (all bad cholesterol comes from animal products)

  • Perfect blood pressure

  • Improved digestion

  • Youthful skin

  • No more issues with lower back after years of heavy weight lifting

  • Clearer body, mind, and soul



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