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About Chef Babette

Her Story


She began to study and read books, learning about this new lifestyle she was embarking on the bestseller Fit for Life by Harvey, and Marilyn Diamond initiated her journey towards self-healing. Her passion would shortly move from being self-served to inspiring and exposing individuals who may not otherwise be acquainted with healthier lifestyles due to environmental and economic barriers or the simple lack of knowledge. Becoming a self-taught chemist in the kitchen, perfecting healthy food that tastes out of this world allowed her to eat and enjoy the meals she loved without the guilt or associated “diseases” or ailments. Initially becoming a Sunday food vendor at the City of Angels Church and Agape Spiritual Center, Chef Babette opened her restaurant in the heart of downtown Inglewood, California. Opened in 2008, Stuff I Eat, brings much needed healthy soul food to a community that lacked such a culinary jewel.   This world-class celebrity chef, fitness enthusiast, and motivational speaker has a loyal fan base via social media outlets while participating in health summit events around the country. She is a force who now at the tender age of 68, can still get down and do a 4-minute plank.

Besides speaking to audiences around the globe, Chef Babette has been a guest on ABC’s The Chew, The Steve Harvey Show, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and guest starred in the new HBO hit comedy series Insecure amongst a few.



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